12 things you can do to go green at home

Simply Green Writer

So many people want to do their bit to create a safe and sustainable future for our planet by adopting green habits at home, but get put off by all the double-speak or the cost of getting solar panels or appliances that are environmentally friendly.

That should not stand in the way of making small changes at home that don’t cost a lot of money or take a great deal of time, to make it more eco-friendly.

Here are 12 things you can do to go green at home

1. Set your washing machine on cold, since 90 percent of the electricity it uses is for heating up the water. You save money, and your clothes last longer.

2. Avoid using a clothes dryer and hang your washing on the line.

3. Go DIY to create something for your home that involves the whole family, instead of buying the item.

4. Swop your old light bulbs for LED, they use less electricity, are eco-friendly and last longer.

5. Invest in a programmable thermostat that monitors your cooling and heating devices, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

6. Set up your recycling system that ensures paper, glass and metals get recycled, and start your own compost bin with kitchen scraps and peels.

7. Plant herbs in window boxes or on your stoep, using the lush compost you’ve made.

8. Improve the quality of air in your home by decorating it with pot plants.

9. Reduce your use of electricity by using the correct appliances. Toasters use significantly less energy than an oven.

10. Splash out on a water filter for your home, and have a reusable water bottle to carry with you, instead of buying bottled water.

11. Make your home more energy efficient by using curtains and blinds that keep both heat and cold air outside.

12. Use eco-friendly household cleaners or make your own.

* This has been adapted from the Biofriendly Planet site.