16 Days of Activism: BRAVE HEART BEARS launches initiative with SA designers

To kick-off 16 Days of Activism, Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA), in association with legendary fine jewellery designer Jenna Clifford and more than 36 top South African designers, launched the first annual BRAVE HEART BEARS Initiative.

BRAVE HEART BEARS is a rare collection of more than 100 beautifully dressed and exquisitely styled teddy bears. The aim of creating the collection is to help raise funds to ensure every abused child gets therapy.

WMACA founder Miranda Jordan said: “Child sexual abuse has a lifelong impact. It might cause a range of negative consequences for the mental health and adjustment in childhood, adolescence and adulthood for the victim. I often refer to abuse as not only stealing their childhood but also their adulthood. That is why the early work at our clinics are often followed by later work with our advocacy team.

“Aspects of the abuse include the relationship with the perpetrator, the betrayal of trust, the age and gender of the child, and the particular form of abuse. They are all significant factors.

“The BRAVE HEARTS BEARS Initiative will help us with a much-needed financial injection to help those broken little souls by giving them the tools to navigate a positive way through their pain. Now, in our 20th year of helping vulnerable children, we are honoured to have undertaken more than 146 000 treatment services to our beloved children”.

BRAVE HEART BEARS has worked with the likes of Scalo, Anel Botha, RUBICON, TN Collectiv, Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, JJ Schoeman, ERRE, Palse Homme, JULIAN, George Malelu, Lloyd Hot Sense, Sun Goddess and Warm the World. Also part of this initiative are Henrietta by Calvin N, Lindani Styling, Young and Co, House of Velour, AMEN, House of Conee, Touch Of Bling, The Bam Collective, Mavromac Fabrics, Cee Jay, Tshepo Jeans and the NAKED APE.