3 Quick Tips In Choosing The Right Medical Compression Socks For Men

3 Quick Tips In Choosing The Right Medical Compression Socks For Men

People wear compression socks or stockings for comfort, to boost performance in sports, and to prevent severe medical conditions. And when it comes to choosing the right medical compression socks, you have to be careful in your selection process in order to get the right pair.

So we suggest you go on reading as we are going to talk about the 3 tips in choosing the right medical compression socks for men in today’s post.

The Essence Of Wearing Compression Socks

Before we proceed to the main topic, allow us to step back a little and explain the analogy behind wearing of compression socks or stockings.

At the basic concept, compression socks are specialized, snug-fitting and stretchy socks that are worn to enhance the overall comfort and improve the circulation of blood in your legs. And the design of these socks is scientifically based, which means the fabrics are carefully woven together to gently apply a certain level of pressure against the limbs and the skin it encompasses.

Overall, the main function of this accessory is to improve the circulation of blood and fluids within the leg area to prevent weariness, aching, numbness, and the risk of acquiring leg injuries.

Find A Medical Compression Socks That Looks Good And Feels Right

In this section, we’ve put together the 3 quick tips in choosing the right medical compression socks for men to help you in your selection process:

Choose The Level Of Compression

First off, choose the right level of compression according to the intended use:

15 to 20 mmHg – This pressure is recommended for daily use and sports recovery. The level of compression is just right for these kinds of situations.

20 to 30 mmHg – This pressure can still be used for daily use and sports recovery, but it’s more ideal for managing mild symptoms like spider veins, varicose veins, edema (swelling), and for medical recovery after surgery.

30 to 40 mmHg – This pressure is intended for moderate to serious symptoms like severe swelling, severe varicose veins, lymphedema, blood clots (DVT), and post surgery.

*NOTE: mmHg means “millimeter in Mercury”, a standard unit of measure that is similar to the measurement used when taking your blood pressure.

Choose The Type Of Compression Socks You Should Wear

You should try on the socks to see how they feel on your legs. Make sure that they are the right size so that you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them. Also, they should fit perfectly without being too loose or too tight.

And as a rule of thumb, you also have to consider the leg area where you want to be compressed. If you suffer from swelling on the ankles, then wearing a knee high compression sock should be enough. But if you’re going to cover parts of the leg above the knee, then you might have to consider a knee high compression sock.

Decide On The Style You Want To Wear

Socks Made From Opaque Fabrics – These socks are unisex (can be used by men or women) because of the neutral tone of the fabric.

Socks Made Of Cotton Or Wool – These fabrics are intended to provide utmost comfort to the wearer. So if you want something comfortable, then this is the right choice for you.

Socks Made Of Hi-Tech Fabrics – And if you’re physically active and is engaged in sports activities, then this is the best choice to pick since this type of compression socks are made from durable fabrics that wick sweat, and control heat and even moisture.

All in all, these are the tips you need to follow in choosing the right medical compression socks for men.