5 nail trends to try this summer

How often have you worn lipstick this year?

I’m not sure about you ladies but since March I can safely say that I’ve probably only worn lipstick about five times. And that was when my 7-year-old decided to practice her make-up skills. Mostly to elevate lockdown boredom.

Because we wear masks every time we go out, there really is no point in wearing any lipstick now is there?

I’m obsessed with bold lipstick colours. So it saddens me that my fiery reds and funky purple lipsticks have remained untouched for most of this year.

Thankfully I have just as great an obsession with nail polish as I do lipstick.

I have an embarrassingly large collection of different colour nail polishes. Because I get bored of one colour, I tend to change my nail colour every week. Hence the large collection.

So what if I have six different shades of red and blues in every shade from pale to midnight.

There are times when I become completely obsessed with a specific trend and I will hunt down every shade I can find. Like the ever so trendy metallics. I’ve now collected everything from silver to copper and gold.

During the lockdown I’ve learnt to truly appreciate my love for nail polish and the vast collection.

With our mouth off limits when it comes to colour, we can still add a pop of colour on our nails.

I’m always on the lookout for new nail polish trends. Here are five of my favourite looks to rock this season.

French-mani with a twist: A French manicure is a classic but why not change it up and give it a modern edge twist by swopping white or nude tips for bright tones.


Metallics are here to stay: When I say metallics, I don’t just mean silver and gold. Look out for bold metallic tones in green or bright pink.


Go green: Yep, green! This season green has surprisingly popped up on the colour spectrum. It’s not a colour one would automatically gravitate towards, but check out tones like subtle mint and rich emerald.


Nude and neon: We love our nude shades and last year neons made a huge comeback. This season we are mixing things up by combining nude and neon in funky graphic designs.


Multi-coloured mani: This might be a new trend but it’s definitely sticking around for a while.