Birthday ‘ruined’ after custom-made cake arrives looking completely different from what was ordered

A woman who organised for a “professional” cake to be made for her brother’s 30th birthday was left “distraught” when she received it.

Sam Faulkner, who paid £50 (about R1 100), found the cake maker on Pinterest after discovering a fishing-themed cake that she knew her fishing brother Graham would love.

Faulkner posted the sample image from a local baking website and asked the woman she contacted on Facebook “to bake a similar cake” for her brother with a special birthday message on it. But when the cake arrived it did not look like the original request and left her devastated. She even stated that the cake was covered in dog hair.

Faulkner shared pictures of the cake she ordered and what she received on the Earley Residents Discussion Board Facebook group with the caption: “Cake on left was what was ordered but cake on right was was we got !!!! Trading standards????”

After what seemed like a “horrific” day for Faulkner, she wrote an update that the cake maker has only transferred £15 (R320) and blocked her again and that she had asked for people to remove her name from sites.

“I’m happy to do this once she’s paid in full. It will continue and go to council and environment health plus small claims court now… I’m not allowing her to do business with anyone else. Her mental health might be at a high and we have all gone through depression and mental health but this could have been over if Emma paid in full refund. She claims not to give a full refund due to her time and effort. If you think it’s a good standard to sell a cake like this it’s clearly not,” said Faulkner.