Brexit, National drama and Trump drive UK leadership race

Brexit dominated the race but interrupted by Donald Trump along with play.

Prime Minister Theresa May, Britain decision upended its politics divided the country and ultimately conquered. After failing to win Parliament’s financing for divorce provisions with the 21, she resigned as Conservative Party leader.

Party members across the country are decreasing with the outcome due July 23, to be announced. The winner will take over from May as prime minister the next moment.

Check out the competition so far:


The bungled Brexit of Britain observed voters desert the governing Conservatives in droves and has sapped confidence in the system.

Hunt and Johnson both vow to take Britain out of the EU, and say they’ll go back into EU leaders and receive an improved deal that Britain’s Parliament can take.

They say Britain should leave anyhow if this fails.

Hunt would be inclined to delay for a brief time if a deal was in sight, also said Friday he could not guarantee Britain will have abandoned the EU by Christmas.

He told the BBC that”prime ministers must only make claims that they know they could provide.”

Critics accuse of creating unrealistic promises, both guys. EU leaders insist they will not reopen the withdrawal arrangement they struck May, and economists state leaving without a deal on divorce provisions would plunge Britain into recession.

Institute for Government researcher Tim Durrant wrote in a recent blog article that the discussion had been”increasingly untethered from the world because it is and instead speaks to the planet as Conservative members want it to become.”

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