Cameron Diaz gets candid with Naomi Campbell in ‘No Filter with Naomi’

In a feel good interview on October 27, supermodel Naomi Campbell chatted to actress Cameron Diaz on her YouTube series, No Filter with Naomi.

The actress admitted that being a mom and wife has made her extremely happy.

Diaz, who gave birth to her daughter Raddix in December 2019 at 47-years-old, told Campbell that she can’t get enough of motherhood adding that she is “the happiest she’s ever been”.

In the candid 45-minute long interview, the A-listers also talked about Diaz’s first job as a model and how she got into the world of acting even though she never set out to be an actress.

“I started modelling when I was 16 to get the hell out of Long Beach, California. I think a lot of girls take that opportunity. You get to travel, you make money, you do things you thought you can never do and go places you never thought you’ll be able to go, and I really took advantage of that,” she said.

She recalled her manager asking her to audition for a part where they were looking for the sexy model kind.

“I had my period and I wasn’t really feeling up to dressing sexy so I told him I will audition for the part as a journalist and go in jeans. The director was so kind and wanted me to come back, so I went home, dressed up and went back to audition. I eventually got the part for The Mask months later”, she said.

Diaz stepped away from her very successful acting career six years ago, when Campbell asked if she’d return, Diaz said: “I’ll come back and people will be like there’s a new older actress on the scene! … You should never say never”.

Aside from acting, Campbell and Diaz talked about Diaz’s book The Body Book.

“The book is like a manual to our bodies. I was astonished by how little we were actually taught about our bodies. I can’t do things if I don’t have a body that is well … period. For me it’s about valuing your body. And when you start to show love and care to your body and when you know about it and understand how it works we value it and have more empowerment and self esteem because of it”, said Diaz.

She also mentioned that unlike when she first hit the industry, she has no interest in clothes right now.

“I never took to designers like how others did. I am not good at those kinds of relationships. I like to earn whatever I have. I don’t like people giving me things. But that being said, I loved having that expression especially when you are in your 20s or 30s. I remember the 90s when dressing up was so much fun and now it’s coming back around,” she said.

Diaz’s latest project has been creating an organic wine brand called “Avaline”, about this she said: “My business partner and I love wine, but after a glass we are done. So we dove into how wine was made and we found out that there are over 73 ingredients that are allowed to be added to wine that are not disclosed on the label. So we tried to figure out how to make a wine, we sourced organic grapes and we tested that it is up to standards and there is nothing in it that we don’t want to be in it. So the baseline is no sugar, colours and concentrates,” she said.

Watch the full interview here: