Cape Town’s first cannabis-infused dessert bar launches in Woodstock

Ice-cream is known as a summer treat that is enjoyed by everyone. But true ice cream lovers know that it is made for every season, and more so when you infuse cannabis with it.

The general way of using cannabis has a large audience and additions involved. With the legalisation of recreational marijuana, the possibilities around what kinds of edibles you can get your hands on seem to be limitless these days.

Speaking of ice cream and all things cannabis, there is a new vegan and cannabis-infused ice cream and dessert bar called Lisa’s Dessert Bar that has recently opened in Woodstock in Cape Town that is set up to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings while on the run.

Their ice cream is coconut milk-based and each tub contains 8mg of CBD, the non-psychoactive primary element of marijuana. The CBD helps with pain, anxiety, depression, or just merely for relaxing.

“Ever woke up on a Sunday lissing koeksisters? Or boeber? Remember the days when you wish you had ice cream that actually heals pain like in the movies? Be it heartbreak or period pains. What about when all you wanted was the perfect chocolate ice cream but, oops! You’re lactose intolerant, and you have to watch your friends eat ice cream when you’re just left there, lissing.

“Or what about hearing the ice cream truck in your neighbourhood, running a mile for it but only to find out that they have vanilla, your favourite, but not quite the vanilla silk you were lissing? We’re a Capetonian original, guilt-free vegan ice cream, infused with CBD that helps with pain, anxiety, depression, or just merely relaxing,” they say on their website.

Other menu items include coconut milk-based ice creams, CBD doughnuts and other sweet treats such as cake and ice-cream sandwiches.

Here are some other local restaurants that offer cannabis-infused dishes:

Blowfish restaurant

Blowfish restaurant is a Cape Town-based restaurant that launched the country’s first cannabis oil sushi roll, the CANNAfornia Roll, and the CANNAfornia poké bowl.

Bohemian Beach Bums (Durban)

Bohemian Beach Bums, on Durban’s famous party street, Florida Road offers infused milkshakes, chocolates, cookie crumbles, candy floss, chocolate brownies and cookies.

Col’Cacchio (Durban, Cape Town, and Gauteng)

Col’Cacchio is a popular Italian restaurant that launched the first cannabis pizza range in South Africa in collaboration with africanpure. The CBD oil, used on their pizza, contains no THC synthetic chemicals, making it absolutely safe to enjoy.

420 Cafe (Joburg)

420 Cafe offers breakfast, and pizzas that you can create on your own with different kinds of toppings such as chicken, mince, avocado, cheese, olives, bacon and tomatoes.