Celebrity MUA Eric Ferrell dies at the age of 50

Acclaimed make-up artist Eric Ferrell died on Friday, November 6.

Ferrell was 50 at the time of his death and the cause is still unknown.

Ferrell, who had been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, has worked with many celebrities, including the late musician Aaliyah, award-winning singer Beyoncé, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, singer and actress Brandy, among others.

Singer Sy Smith shared a heartfelt tribute to Ferrell.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “While I’ve been celebrating our nation’s recent baby steps into progress, I’ve also been mourning the loss of a very good friend. @ericferrellmakeup was not just the person you called when you needed an A-list make-up artist (I still can’t believe you had ME as the face for the front of your business postcard for a time!), he was also the kind of person whom (if you were lucky like me) you could call when you just needed the comfort/warmth of a good friend.”

She added: “I’ll miss seeing your smile at our house parties and cookouts. I’ll always cherish those fun family gatherings at your old place on Stearns and Pico.

“I’ll miss talking music with you (man, you loved music so much and you knew your s*** too!).

“I’ll miss sitting in your chair getting my face beat to life while having my soul nurtured by your funny stories and veteran wisdom (that Aretha Franklin story will always make me chuckle!).

“I’ll miss running into you at random places in LA (wow … remember The Abbey?). Most of all, I’ll miss you, Eric. Rest easy and in colour palette power. #EricFerrell #ericferrellbeauty.”

Radio show host Brandon Scott (aka B. Scott) also took to Instagram to pay tribute to the man who was responsible for Aaliyah’s make-up from her first shoot. B.Scott said: “Rest in peace to my sweet-hearted friend, celebrity make-up artist @ericferrellmakeup. Thank you for being so kind to me at the beginning of my career when I didn’t have much. You will be missed. #EricFerrell.”

Singer Monica shared a sweet tribute on her Instagram stories.

She said: “Rest well @ericferrellmakeup. I’m both shocked and devastated to hear about your transitioning. Your smile, talent and constant ability to make many feel beautiful will never be forgotten! Thank you for the many years you gave MonDenise.”