Celebs like Khanyi Mbau are breaking the stigma around cosmetic surgery

For many years, cosmetic surgery was perceived as taboo in Africa and only a few people would openly disclose having had work done.

Society perceived people who had undergone cosmetic surgery – anything involving the reconstruction or alteration of one’s body – as somewhat artificial and would judge them harshly.

Many argued that the obsession with cosmetic surgery in Africa was influenced by Western standards of beauty and concluded that it was unnatural.

But recently, cosmetic surgery is beginning to thrive in Africa as people undergo cosmetic surgery for any number of reasons, such as health, a desire to look youthful or perfecting a flaw.

Recent studies have shown a rise in the demand for cosmetic surgery in African countries such as South Africa, Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan and Kenya.

It is believed that celebrities who unashamedly share their cosmetic surgery experiences are driving this demand. Among these celebrities are:

Khanyi Mbau – South Africa


Vera Sidika – Kenya


Princess Shyngle – Gambia


Moesha Buduong – Ghana


In a podcast interview, Mbau said she could not understand what the big fuss was about if people decided to alter parts of their body.

“If people who don’t like the size of their bodies can go to gym in order to feel good about themselves, why can’t I do the same and get a nose job?” Mbau asked.

Mbau said she did not mind digging deep into her pockets if it meant that she would have the body or nose she wanted.

In South Africa, cosmetic surgery can cost anything from R40,000 to R100,000 (US$2,600 to US$6,500), depending on the operation.

However, experts have warned that for health and safety reasons, anyone considering cosmetic surgery must undergo all the necessary check-ups and tests.

– African News Agency (ANA); Editing by Yaron Blecher