DJ Zinhle hits back at troll telling her how to parent daughter Kairo

Being a parent comes with all sorts of challenges, and when you live your life in the spotlight, people tend to give their opinion, even when you haven’t asked for it.

DJ Zinhle knows this all too well. Since giving birth to daughter Kairo about five years ago, she’s had to contend with unsolicited advice from many fans.

In many instances, the musician has let things slide, but when Twitter user @ToroxaD, who is a Khoi language activist according to their Twitter bio, proceeded to give Zinhle a history lesson on the origins of Kairo’s name and questioned the five-year-old’s choice of attire in celebration of Heritage Day, she decided she’d had enough.

“Kairo looked Kaise Isa or absolutely adorable in her traditional gear but as a child who also carries Khoikhoi ancestry on her father’s side, it would be great to see her in Khoikhoi attire next year. BTW did you know her name Kairo is from the Khoikhoi language,” tweeted @ToroxaD.

In response to the tweet, Zinhle’s mama bear instincts kicked in and she wrote: “Thank you, she’s looked so cute. (sic)

“Did you know you could have your own child and dress them however you want.

“Gabriel, you have gone too far. Animeni ngokuzositshela ukuthi senzeni ngabantwana bethu. Ay man, too far!”

“Gabriel you’ve gone too far” is the chorus line from popular Joe Goddard song “Gabriel”.