Enjoy entertaining at home? Then take a walk through this dream house

By Vivian Warby

“The family we designed the home for is very social, and they love to entertain, so a great outdoor space was important for them,” says ARRCC director Jon Case.

“We included a few surprise elements such as a hidden television set on the outdoor terrace. “The client loves to entertain guests, particularly when big sporting matches are on, so this was ideal.

The cool neutrals of the furniture in this seating area emphasise the vivid colours of the artwork. Picture: Greg Cox

“We wanted to create seamless indoor and outdoor living – for instance the lounge opens to the outside and provides a comfortable and cosy area where the parents can watch their kids swimming and playing on the lawn,” says Case.

ARRCC designer Quintin Gilman believes outdoor space should flow as a natural extension of the interior with furniture and fabrics that harmoniously link the two spaces.

A working space furnished with a writing desk and a green-blue polycarbonate swivel chair. Picture: Greg Cox

The house was designed so the covered terrace overlooks the swimming pool and green lawn to become a natural extension of the entertainment area.

“The existing space was bare and lifeless, and also exposed to the gaze of the surrounding neighbours, so we needed to close it off with a bespoke screen and pergola to create privacy for the homeowners, as well as making a cosy outside lounge area,” says Gilman.

“The fireplace, barbecue and pizza oven make for effortless alfresco sessions, enjoyed under the dappled sunlight that passes through the bespoke slatted timber pergola.”

Part of the large entrance hall with the staircase leading up to the bedrooms and to the basement. Marble, glass balustrades with brass cladding, and dark-stained timber create unique textures. Picture: Greg Cox

The cool grey of the floor slabs has been heightened using concrete and natural-stone panel blocks fitted onto the darker charcoal-coloured slatted feature wall, which also slightly extends along the wall into the indoor lounge, further highlighting the interior and exterior connection.

The outdoor areas of this family home boast magnificent views of Lion’sHead and create the perfect oasis for relaxation and comfort. Picture: Greg Cox

The sand-blasted travertines and pre-cast concrete features are backlit, creating a subtle mood and warm effect.

“This textured, aesthetic look we were going for manifests in the plaited armchairs too, with their weaving patterns relating to the spiralling forms found on the dyed cerise, turquoise and grey cushions dotted around this space,” he adds.

The outdoors is always beckoning in this beautiful home. Picture: Greg Cox

Creating a transition point between this area and the circular six-seater outdoor dining table, a suspended sofa swings gently in the breeze – a reminder that this is a home to be enjoyed.

In the formal lounge, a marine-blue rug grounds the layout. Teal cushions and greenceramic side tables continue the aquamarine theme. Fabric in sorbet hues coverstwo ottomans, breaking the blocks of colour. Picture: Greg Cox

Tips from ARRCC designer Quintin Gilman

How to make the interior blend with the exterior:

* Use the same colour palette, materials and textures in the two areas.

* Allow the glazing and doors to “disappear”.

* “Pocket” doors that slide into the walls are preferred to allow the indoor space to open to the outdoors.

* Seating should be comfortable.

* Lighting is critical and needs to be seamless between the spaces.

The spectacular entrance is framed by the crisp horizontals and verticals of thetimber and paving. Picture: Greg Cox

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