Fans worried after Zodwa Wabantu posts cryptic message on Instagram

By the looks of things, Zodwa Wabantu hasn’t been having a good week.

The socialite and dancer has taken to Instagram to share her current state of mind.

“Today I’m Sad. Been Crying Since in the Morning till now,” she told her followers.

“In Real Life we Don’t have Real People to Ask Us,Are you okay,did you Eat,what can I do for you,Do you need me? What can I do. We Have given so much of ourselves that you don’t even see that,I’m not Okay.You only Take from us. We Give Give Give Give & End up Tired,” she adds.

Her recent confessional is a surprising departure from her normal, upbeat posts, leaving many of her fans confused and worrying about her mental state.

Many online users urged her to answer their DMs while others sent her virtual hugs and kisses.

The Afrotainment dancer’s post comes a few days after ex-boyfriend Vusi Ngubane paid lobola for his new fiancée, Thenjiwe Mpanza.

Taking to social media this past weekend, the 23-year-old shared the exciting news with his 61k followers.

Posting a photograph of the happy couple, in matching traditional gear, Vusi expressed his gratitude to his soon-to-be bride’s family while also singing the praises of the family.

Vusi’s relationship could be the final straw for Zodwa. The couple ended things on a sour note.

In August, Zodwa posted a video on her Instagram account, claiming that Vusi was a fraudster.

She said that she had opened a criminal case against Vusi and revealed some startling allegations about their year-long romance.

“You slept in my house for a year, I paid for everything.

“You used my contacts and connections to get a new Audi because you knew my name would help you.

“Please give me back everything that is mine, I am coming for you and I am not scared.”