Forget gingerbread houses, charcuterie chalets are the in-thing this festive season

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and with it comes a surprising trend – building charcuterie chalets that replace gingerbread houses.

Many families make it a tradition around the holidays to build, decorate, and display a gingerbread house. But how often have you made a gingerbread house, only to have no one eat it? Why not try something new?

Forget making a gingerbread house this holiday season, try making a charcuterie chalet. Charcuterie chalets are a growing trend when it comes to Christmas time snacking.

While cookie walls are great and all, adults might appreciate the charcuterie version even more. Think cracker walls, prosciutto and salami roof, and cheese details. Just like there are no rules when making a charcuterie board, you can let the fun fly while putting together this meat and cheese chalet.

Charcuterie chalets are not new innovations, having emerged for a short while every year since about 2016. However, the creations are only now enjoying popularity on social media thanks to a recent string of impressive designs.

To make your own meaty mansion, start with well-built material like breadsticks or crackers, and then build up. Soft cheeses appear to be possible glue, similar to frosting for the gingerbread houses.

After the general foundation is laid, layers of prosciutto, salami, bacon, or whatever cured meat and cheese variety is then used to furnish the bready palace. Many social media users have used parmesan to act as snow. You can even use hearty vegetables if you are so inclined. Pretty much nothing is off the table for this architectural appetizer.

However, unlike its gingerbread counterpart, charcuterie chalets appear to be more decayable. So, builder beware, these are made to be eaten.

Below are some of the creations we have seen on Instagram.