Having bad teeth is a first date deal breaker, survey finds

Maybe it’s the smile that did it for you. There must have been a reason why you swiped right.

But now that you see your date in person, reality sets in and they look nothing like their profile picture.

So many of us have first date horror stories. But what was the ultimate deal breaker for you?

FirstDate, an online dating site, asked its members to describe their perfect night night out. After collecting all the data, the survey also discovered what were big deal breakers.

It found that both men and women agree on at least one thing – if their date is unreliable or lacks a movie star smile – then there is no chance for a second date.

Aside from the deal breakers, men and women also agree a quiet dinner at a local restaurant is preferred.

Ladies, don’t worry about getting too dressed up because 39.9% of men would rather you come dressed in comfortable clothing.

And men should avoid taking their date for drinks at a bar at all costs, according to 31.2% of women.

Singles should probably take the above advice to heart.

Last year, Buzzfeed asked community members to share their absolute worst first date horror stories.

This one really did it for us…

“He took me to a house party for New Years and proceeded to get so drunk that he was passing out and vomiting in his sleep. I literally had to roll him over MULTIPLE TIMES just so he wouldn’t drown in his own vomit. I had no way home and was stuck doing this all night for him, and more than a few times he told me he loved me.” : – eabaker32

Moral of the story? Don’t go to a New Year’s Eve party with someone you’ve just met.