Hennessy X.O celebrates 150 years with one-of-a-kind event – and we’re all invited

Emblematic French cognac Hennessy X.O is celebrating 150 years of unmatched sensory elegance this year. The blend – originally created by Maurice Hennessy and Emile Fillioux in 1870 as a special curation for their inner circle of friends and family, sets a standard for excellence that lives on to this day.

Thanks to a meticulous blending process, Hennessy X.O is a cognac of time-honoured consistency and is the jewel in the Hennessy crown, synonymous with elegance and quality thanks to a graceful yet complex blend of eaux-de vie. This alchemy gives the cognac its intense amber hue, a rich layering of flavours with extraordinary persistence on the palate.

The Master Blenders’ commitment to preserving quality has made this cognac an enduring symbol: its noble character stirs taste sensations while its powerful, carefully balanced structure makes every single drop an odyssey and guarantees an extremely long finish.

As we emerge from a time of global transformation and reach the end of the 2020 harvest, so begins a new cycle and the start of a new Odyssey. To mark the 150 year X.O milestone, Hennessy has commissioned a remarkable World Odyssey, collaborating with renowned fire alchemist, Cai Guo-Qiang, who shares the common vision of a hopeful future honouring and amplifying Hennessy Maison’s universal values of joy, optimism and resilience.

Cai Guo-Qiang

The ephemeral day-time firework live event by Guo-Qiang, known for his signature experimental outdoor performance art and installations, is the centerpiece of Hennessy X.O’s 150th anniversary World Odyssey program and will be shared with a global audience via livestream – a first for both Guo-Qiang and the Maison. Viewers can expect to see an unrepeatable performance conceived like a play in three acts, promising to unfold with drama, poetry, colour and emotion. The celebratory display will involve a series of multi-coloured fireworks launched from 150 oak barrels symbolising the 150-year history of Hennessy X.O.

“Being asked to create a piece to celebrate this milestone for Hennessy X.O is an honour,” says Cai. “The powerful history and emotional commitment from those who created and continue to make this product are inspirational. I hope that this fleeting piece of artwork is able to capture the essence of togetherness, hope and the celebration of Hennessy X.O’s heritage and future.”

Cai Guo-Qiang is one of the most admired artists on the contemporary art scene. In addition to his large-scale, site-specific installations, Cai is particularly renowned for his unique use of gunpowder and fireworks as an artistic medium to stage spectacular public events of intense emotional resonance, as he did for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

The Hennessy World Odyssey event will take place via Hennessy.com at 3pm today. To join the free live stream, keep an eye on www.hennessy.com/en-int/stories/cai-guo-qiang-live-event

Watch the video below for a snippet of what you can expect: