How to be the host with the most this holiday season

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Having people to stay can cause tensions… here are tips to ensure you and your guests have a happy holiday together.

Emily Post was a famous American etiquette guide – and her great-great granddaughter Lizzie Post is also in the etiquette advice game. (She blogs on

If you’re planning to invite friends and family to stay over the holidays, here are some of her ideas on how to be a perfect host or hostess.

• Be clear when you expect your guests to arrive and to leave. Your definition of a long weekend might be different from theirs.

• Make the house rules known – if you don’t want them smoking in your house, tell them. If they’re bringing small children, it might be a good idea to put precious things away.

• Offer your guests food and drinks often or suggest they help themselves.

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• Discuss activities with them.

• Show them how to use to the TV remotes and give them the wi-fi password.

• Give them a set of spare keys so they can come and go.

Give them a guide to your neighbourhood. Direct them on local walks or the way to the nearest shops.

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Tell your guests your schedule – let them know when you’re going to the gym or to work and when you expect to be home.

Build in time alone to give everyone a break. It’s fine to tell your guests: “I’m going to be in the garden for an hour or so, give me a shout if you need anything.”

Read the latest Home Improver’s digital magazine.