How to make staircases a stylish part of your home

Functional aspects of homes, like staircases, tend to get forgotten among all the detail that other, more commonly used living spaces demand.

However, from the intricate bannisters to stylish landings homes are now boasting, staircases are proving that they can serve as a stunning focal point in homes, drawing visitors in and tying various design elements together for the perfect finish.

How to make staircases a stylish part of your home:


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Tiles have been used beyond their original purpose of simply covering roofs, floors, walls, and other surfaces. They add colour and interest to dull spaces making them one of the trendiest ways to decorate homes. Highlight every stair on your staircase with beautifully patterned tiles. Adding colour and design elements to every step, if you stick to the pre-existing colour scheme, it can help make your style stand out more vividly.

Solid wash of paint

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Painting plaster mouldings, fireplaces, built-in shelves and cupboards with the same colour creates a feeling of unity whilst allowing other decor items of a different hue to stand out. Allow your staircase to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your home by painting the bannister and stairs in the same colour. The result is an effortlessly chic minimalist look that serves as a blank canvas for the rest of your decor. It can also help make your living space appear more open and less cluttered.

Landing decor

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Don’t let your staircase be home to useless space. The landing between each flight has the potential to be transformed into anything from a cosy reading nook to a space for plants to be displayed. Especially in smaller homes where living space is limited, it is an easy way to create another functional area. With the right decor,

Bannister details

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Vines intertwined, weaving in and out of a wire fence taken over by leafy green plants replaces a traditional bannister in a stylish Pinterest-worthy home. The purpose of a bannister is to provide people stability or support as they climb up and down staircases. However, they can be an integral part of interior design with the right finishing touches. From ornate wooden carvings to clear glass panels and plant adorned railings, there are so many ways to get creative.

Transform the space below the stairs

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When you have a staircase in your home, sometimes you are left with that awkward triangular space below the stairs that nobody knows how to make use of. It eventually ends up becoming a dumping ground for gym bags, suitcases and piles of discarded delivery boxes. If you give this space a purpose, it will be treated with more respect in your home. Turn it into anything from a built in linen closet, mini wine cellar, coat closet, or even a place to store your bar cart when it’s not in use.

Gallery wall

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Don’t have a place for all the beautiful family portraits and artwork you’ve accumulated over the years? Why not display them all on a gallery wall that leads up the staircase. Instead of having a bare wall, you can add so much excitement to the area in a way that is meaningful.