If you thought black chicken was hard to stomach, check out these other weird foods

Feeling adventurous? At first sight you may not be too tempted to eat the food on this list. However, some are quite popular.

If the idea of eating something that you are not used to scares you, you might want to prepare yourself before reading on. For some of these, you may have to pinch your nose while taking the first bite, but your taste buds could be taken to bliss.

Sardine pizza

According to experts, a large problem with any sardine pizza is a simple fact that it is a seafood pizza. They say when it comes to a traditional savoury pizza, most people opt for like pepperoni, sausage, or bacon, and that seafood is an entirely different form of meat, and often requires you to be in the mood for it.

They add that making the topping even more polarizing is the fact that the fish is a sardine, which many people have an innate aversion to, even if they have never tried them.

Pepper sandwich

We have seen people trying the raw food diet where one can only eat uncooked plant-based foods and we have also seen the baby food diet which is also designed to promote weight loss but creating pepper sandwiches?

The pepper sandwich creation was designed by nutritionist Rachel Paul, who is known as College Nutritionist on Instagram. According to Paul’s Instagram post, she was also inspired by dietitian Maggie Michalczyk, who is known as Onceuponapumpkin on the popular social network.

Paul’s post attracted more than 12 000 likes and she said that bell pepper sandwiches are the “coolest thing ever”, and are a good source of protein.

The black chicken, better known as the Ayam Cemani, is known to be incredibly rare. Picture from Tablespoon

Black chicken

The black chicken, better known as the Ayam Cemani, is a rare Indonesian breed that is not your average backyard chicken. According to Greenfire Farms, the Ayam Cemani is the “most unique chicken on the planet”. It’s pitch black colour is what made it famous. Not only are their feathers and skin a dark colour, but their bones, muscles, and organs are even black.

Would you eat a cake filled with BBQ food? Picture from Instagram (Ember BBQ)

A cake filled with BBQ food

This year, I saw pickle cakes, English breakfast cakes, and even curry and rice cakes, but it turned out that was nothing. Someone has upped the ante – and stuffed their cake with all things barbecue.

In July, I was introduced to a cake full of BBQ meat. Yes, there are desserts or sweet dishes made from meat but I found this to be gross. Posted on Twitter by Food Insider, the cake is called Hog Heaven and was created by Ember BBQ, a restaurant based in Santa Ana, California, and is filled with 3kg of BBQ food.

Even Twitter users couldn’t understand why this kind of cake was created, saying it’s nasty. Some even went ahead and said people need to either choose to have cake or have a BBQ. You can’t have it both ways.

The tripe wrap that has been making the rounds on social media PICTURE: Twitter/ItsMainaKageni

Tripe wrap

When I first saw the tripe wrap I was like: “Ugh, this one is a no-no, I would never eat it.” I enjoy my tripe served on a plate with umngqusho (samp and beans). The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts my eyes and makes me want to dig in.

Tripe is an acquired taste. It’s different from other meats, and even though it can be very delicious (especially when clean and cooked really well) it can be, well, weird too.

You just never know what you will get with tripe. It has varying textures and the level of coarseness and chewiness can be very different.

Amasi with Oreos, Ultramel or tomato sauce

For years, social media users in the country have been engaging in a quarrel over how best to serve and enjoy amasi (maas). Some say it is best enjoyed with sugar and some say it is best enjoyed without sugar.

Others prefer it with cream, while some believe that adding powdered milk and coffee creamer makes amasi taste better. You can do any of the above-mentioned methods but Amasi is not to be eaten with tomato sauce, Ultramel or Oreos.