Just breathe: Level up their immunity through relaxation

Boosting the immune system of children through relaxation is in the spotlight in this week’s NESTLÉ NESPRAY Level Up Their Immunity campaign. The five-week campaign is aimed at providing parents with the necessary tools and knowledge they need in order to make well-informed decisions when it comes to their children’s’ health. Research studies indicate that a relaxed child is able to think more constructively & positively. That ultimately affects how they perform at school and how they perceive themselves & interact with other people.

With so much happening in the world right now and with the festive season approaching, it is important for parents to ensure that their children get time to unwind, put their feet up and relax. In this way, greater importance should be placed on how to strengthen children’s immunity while optimising their current environment to be more conducive to moments of relaxation.

Spending time together has grown significantly during the pandemic and this has boosted family activities and TV co-viewing which shape the lifestyle into which children may develop, it is important for parents to provide an environment that helps children maintain a lifestyle that is beneficial to their health.

Some of the ways parents can help kids relax is by creating a comfortable and exciting space for them while monitoring their activities after school and cut down on screen-time where necessary. Parents are encouraged to pay more attention to when children tell them that they do not feel like doing any physical activity as that creates an opportunity to come up with new ways to incorporate relaxation in their daily routine.

Through the Level Up Their Immunity campaign, NESTLÉ NESPRAY demonstrates their commitment to empowering parents with tricks and tips they need to raise healthier kids. In addition, the NESTLÉ NESPRAY FortiGrow carries all the necessary nutrients that a parent needs for her kid; Cognitive Development, Healthy Immunity and Physical Growth.

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