Meet the Chef: Jamie Sutherland from The Grillroom & Sushi Bar

The Grillroom & Sushi’s Head Chef, Jamie Sutherland has 36 years cooking experience under his belt with a formidable career that has taken him across kitchens in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Jamie trained as a chef in the United Kingdom and started his career in 1984 in Scotland where he worked for a couple of hotel restaurants before moving to London for the next decade honing his skills at top restaurants.

“I’ve been privileged to travel widely and had vast experience with French, Asian, Middle Eastern and African cuisine. My style of food is modern with classic overtures but the most important ingredient in any dish is passion. I cook with heart and aim to enhance the full flavour of each dish,” says Jamie.

His love for cooking is only paralleled by his love for teaching and mentoring. “I am the sum of the many great chefs I’ve worked under and that same desire to continue learning is what drives me to take junior chefs under my wing and share my knowledge. In teaching you also learn and continue growing.”

You can see more about The Grillroom & Sushi Bar on their website.