Meet the Durban couple who launched a clothing label during lockdown

Many people came up with wonderful innovations during the lockdown and for one Durban couple, they did the same by starting a new clothing label.

Louis and Adel Weber launched Red Cactus Clothing, a brand that focuses on an exclusive range of shirts with a variety of unique designs.

���When the whole world was hit by Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown restrictions, we were no longer able to trade as we had before. For us, this meant a complete stop to our printing and packaging business which was a huge shock and made us realise that it was time for retrospection and change,” explained Louis.

He added: “We felt an enormous weight on our shoulders, a responsibility not only to our own families but to the 30+ families that our business feeds, our extended family. We needed to be the visionaries we were meant to be and come up with innovative new concepts to ensure our survival.

“We needed to be fearless in a time when fear overcame most. We were privileged to have this opportunity and to have the ways and means to make our new venture a reality.”

About living up to their motto, “You can’t stop greatness,” Adel commented. “We believe greatness is achieved by challenging the status quo of how things are done. When you strive to achieve greatness and want to uphold your individuality, you associate with people and brands that share your beliefs.”

Made from classic cotton, dry fit mesh polyester and heavyweight 100% cotton, the range of designs include the nostalgia series, modern/funky series, teen series, active series and slogan design series.