New Format for 2022 World Cup Qualification!

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has declared the new structure for African nations hoping to qualify for the World Cup 2022.

The format differs in the 2018 World Cup from Russia, however, it is the same as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The CAF decided three phases for World Cup 2022 qualification:

The initial phase is that the preliminary round. Even the 26 highest FIFA ranked teams will be exempted from this step, which makes 28 teams to compete for qualification. Of the 28 teams, the 14 FIFA ranked teams will play against the lowest ranked teams. In this first leg, the FIFA ranked teams will play at home. 

The second phase is the group point where the 14 teams qualified in the preliminary round will combine the exempted 26 teams, which makes teams. The 40 teams will be broken into 10 teams of 4 groups. 

Even the 40 teams will be broken into 4 levels according to the FIFA ranking. Each of the 10 groups will include a group from each level.

The next stage is that the knock-out point where the 10 winning teams from the group stage is going to be broken into two levels in accordance with their FIFA ranking. The five highest rated teams will play against the five lowest ranked groups, together with lowest. 

In 2018, the CAF employed a different system . The machine consisted of 2 knock-out phases and a band point.

Twenty teams were comprised by the team stage.

Each group’s highest ranked team qualified straight to the World Cup, specifically Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Senegal, and Egypt.

48 teams competing for the most prestigious title in football will be featured by future World Cups.

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