Our new IOL FOOD magazine will get your children cooking

I cooked my first full meal when I was nine years old. Mum had a late meeting at work and we realised that we were clearly going to starve if we didn’t cook.

Usually, we always had the vegetables cleaned, peeled and chopped in preparation of her coming back from work and cooking. However this time, I had to take over.

Luckily I had been watching her cook for years. The easiest thing I could cook was mince and so I decided to make a spicy mince and vegetable curry, with rice, butternut and green beans. The family enjoyed it and soon I was tasked with cooking once a week.

When I look back I think about how, if I hadn’t taken that step, I probably would have a different relationship with food. I enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and was lucky enough that mum encouraged me to do so. She taught me how it was always better to grill or roast your vegetables instead of boiling or steaming them. That has made me a die-hard vegetable fan.

We curated the content in this issue of FOOD to encourage children to spend time in the kitchen, to make their own food and challenge themselves.

Science has also proved that children who help their parents with cooking, are generally healthier and have better eating habits.

So, getting children involved in food preparation is an easy way to get buy-in and for them to taste their own creations. Not only that – preparing easy snacks and recipes together is a good way to lay a strong nutritional foundation. Getting them involved leads them to adopt healthier eating habits, with more fruits and vegetables.

Because they understand different ways of cooking and also how to make even their least favourite food taste good.

We have three different sections – beginner, intermediate and expert. This will make it easier for the children who will be trying out these recipes.

Plus, there are tips for lunch box ideas and also information on how to get the kids involved in the kitchen and also an age guide for what kids can help out with, in the kitchen.

I really hope you will enjoy this issue.

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