Paint it bright (but do it right)

What is important to take into consideration when using paint outdoors?

Whatever the application, look for a product with added UV protection to boost longevity.

Look out for textured paints. They give attractive finishes to containers, concrete columns, old wheelbarrows and even a feature wall in the garden.

Before painting any surface, ensure that it is properly prepared. Clean the wall or object before painting and fill any cracks with exterior filler before giving it a light sanding.

For outdoor wooden furniture, choose a quality exterior primer and paint. The paint can be latex or oil-based – choose the primer according to your paint type.

A satin, eggshell or semi-gloss finish gives a more modern look to furniture than high-gloss coatings. Get creative with colours and textures or consider a paint technique to create a weathered look.

The key to a good finish on any piece of wooden furniture is to properly prepare the surface. Remove all traces of previous coats of paint or varnish. Fill cracks or nicks and sand the item thoroughly to ensure a sound surface before you start painting.

It is always best to paint from the top down.