Pandora partners with Unicef for World Children’s Day

To commemorate World Children’s Day 2020, Pandora with Unicef hosted a creative workshop driven by a wish to inspire young minds to envision their future.

They created a video with Millie Bobby Brown, an advocate for children’s right, to inspire children to get creative, dream big and show what they could create with a simple cardboard box.

Through exercises in self-expression facilitated by a creative consultant, children were encouraged to explore their passions. Each child received a variety of tools and materials and was asked to create something that represents their future aspirations.

About the partnership aimed at empowering young people, Pandora CEO, Alexander Lacik, said: “Our workshop resulted in an inspiring video with an important message delivered by Millie Bobby Brown, a fierce children’s advocate. All children have dreams, but not all have the opportunities to make them a reality. We hope this video will help everyone around the world to connect with this cause.”

Karen Hækkerup, Executive Director of Unicef Denmark, spoke about the partnership between the jewellery brand and Unicef that has helped reach more than 10 million children and young people with opportunities to learn, express themselves and find work in the future.

He said: “Children and young people are the future. With the support from the jewellery brand, we can equip them with the skills they need and harness their energy, enthusiasm, and ideas; so they become active citizens who claim their rights and contribute to their countries’ societies and economies.”

In support of Unicef for World Children’s Day, Pandora launches a new addition to Charms for Change – a limited-edition globe-shaped charm that opens to reveal a heart. Some of the profits made from the charm will be with donated to Unicef.