Prepare to be grossed out: 1 in 3 people admit to changing their bedding once a year

If you’re in the habit of not changing your bedding regularly, then you should probably read this.

A survey conducted by UK furniture brand Hammonds Furniture has found that one in three people admitted to washing their bedding only once a year.

But that’s not where the “eek” factor ends. The findings indicated that 36% of Brits wash blankets only once a year, and 18% admitted to washing jeans only annually too, British tabloid Metro reported.

Bathroom towels faired better with 40% of people washing these after each use, and 45% ensuring they are washed after five uses.

The feeling of clean bedding is unparalleled. But there’s a simple reason why you should be changing your bedding on a regular basis.

According to the experts, unclean bedding is a breeding ground for dust mites, microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin.

If that’s not enough to freak you out, The Sleep Council states that “as much as a tenth of the weight of a pillow that has never been washed is made up of human skin scales, mould, dust mites (including dead dust mites) and their droppings”.

So, how many times exactly do you need to change your sheets? Well, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, your bedding should be changed at least once a week.

And if you have allergies, those tell-tale signs come in the form of sneezing and a runny nose.

According to Yahoo! Life, the general consensus is to change bedding once a month or every three weeks. But doctors warn that waiting this long will allow bacteria and dust mites to breed.