Prince William trolled by KFC after he is caught staring through their window

The Duke of Cambridge has earned a new silly nickname, thanks to his obvious interest in fast food.

Prince William was caught peering into the window of a KFC during a royal outing, much to the delight of diners and the internet alike.

This happened while he made a surprise visit to London this week and met with some of the finalists of his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘Hold Still’ photography project.

However, while the royal couple was in Waterloo, William was snapped peeking inside a KFC restaurant before waving to the customers dining inside.

The fast-food restaurant itself could not help trolling him after photos of him getting distracted by the restaurant went viral.

Reposting a picture as the evidence, the Twitter account for the UK and Ireland’s KFC wrote: “William whispered quietly to himself; ‘Oh, I just can’t wait to be wing”.

A follow-up tweet added: “I’m sad I didn’t call him His Royal Thighness in the main tweet tbh.”

It turns out that KFC is not the only fast-food chain that he is a big fan of. In 2018, when he attended the Next Generation Impact Entrepreneurs Forum, William revealed that he loved Mozambique-Portuguese-inspired fast-food chain, Nando’s.

One user commented: “Hahaha!!! Can you imagine the reaction of the person sitting on the other side of this window?? You happen to look up right into the eyes of none other than Prince William. (What I wouldn’t give to be that person!).”

Another user wrote: “Hahaha this is brilliant! Guy just wanted a Zinger box meal.”

Sadly, it does not sound like he managed to get his fried chicken fix that day, as he was on his way to help Kate launch her new Hold Still project.