Princess Diana’s wedding dress designers plan to recreate her lost dresses

Remembered as one of the biggest fashion icons of the 20th Century, Princess Diana’s legacy lives.

Princess Diana, who is known for having an impeccable style, had several of her opulent dresses disappearing.

To bring them back, David and Elizabeth Emmanuel – the designers behind her wedding gown – plan to recreate outfits they made for her in the Eighties.

Old photographs and sketches will be used to recreate some of the 20-plus outfits they created for Diana during the 1980s. The “lost” dresses might be used for a possible exhibition.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Emmanuel said: “I only know of the whereabouts of those few that have been auctioned and are now in museums or with private collectors.

She added: ”Originals do turn up from time to time in charity shops. Fortunately, I am a hoarder and keep everything so we can reconstruct the dresses which are not around any more.”

Although it is unclear if there will be an exhibition for the re-makes, Ms Emmanuel insists it would be nice for people to see them even though the originals have long since disappeared.

Speaking about the black dress that Princess Diana wore to a ball in March 1981 soon after her engagement, Elizabeth said: “She transformed from a sweet-looking nursery-school teacher into a glamorous Princess. It was black and slightly dangerous.”

Princess Diana’s most iconic fashion moments are celebrated in the fourth season of “The Crown”.