Revealed: The wedding songs that can make or break your marriage

If you want to start your marriage off on the right foot, it all comes down to your wedding song. Or at least that’s what a recent poll of more than 5 000 British married couples found.

The survey discovered those who danced to the melancholic Elton John hit “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” were most likely to have a successful union.

If, however, you happen to choose One Direction’s “Little Things”, well then you’re bound for splitsville.

The study, done by online marketplace, asked couples for their first dance song and then asked how they would describe their relationship.

Of the 506 couples who chose “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” for their wedding, 77% said they were in an extremely happy marriage, the Daily Mail reported.

Elton John songs appear to be a favourite with married couples, with 64% who chose “Your Song” saying they were happy together.

For One Direction fans, however, things didn’t pan out as well.

Of the 148 people polled who said they chose “Little Things” for their first dance, 75% are no longer together.

Coming in at third place was the Jason Mraz hit “I’m Yours” – with 61% of couples saying they were no longer happy – and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” with 56%.

“First dances are one of the most memorable moments of a wedding, but not all lead to a happily ever after, said an OnBuy spokesperson in response to the poll results.

“The secret, it seems, to a happy marriage is Elton John’s ”Lion King” classic.