Say what? Tweeps shook to discover Brutal Fruit sparkling ruby apple spritzer is beer

Brutal Fruit spritzer is a beautifully bright and bubbly beverage that a lot of people are enjoying.

This week, however, Twitter users were left shocked after discovering that the much-loved cider is actually beer and not an “alcoholic fruit blend”.

This comes after Champagne expert Oscar Masubelele took to Twitter to share the fact.

“Did you know that Brutal Fruit is in fact a beer and not a ‘fruit drink’? The Western Cape High Court has ordered SABMiller to change the labelling, today,” wrote Masubelele.

Some Twitter users said it makes sense as it knocks them out real quick, while others argued the point asking how, because it literally does nothing to them. That it’s like drinking water.

Here are some of the reactions:

Earlier this year it was reported that Distell is challenging SAB about the wording on its labels – saying that it is simply an “apple flavoured beer”, not an “alcoholic fruit blend” as is claimed, and SAB agreed to replace “alcoholic fruit blend” with “ale” – but only by mid-December, due to the disruption of the second alcohol ban.

According to Business Insider, Distell contended that SAB can’t use “alcohol fruit blend” on the labels as it too closely resembled “alcoholic fruit beverage”, which according to the law must be produced by the alcoholic fermentation of fruit juice, and an “alcoholic apple beverage” – which can also be a called cider – can only be produced by the alcoholic fermentation of apple juice (or with the addition of up to 25% pear juice or alcoholic pear beverage).

Distell said that the Brutal Fruit sparkling ruby apple spritzer is not alcoholic fermentation of fruit juice, but rather beer which has been flavoured with 6% apple juice, reported the news site.

They also reported that SAB fought back, saying that the label was not misleading and described the product: which is ruby coloured, sparkling, alcoholic, and contains 6% reconstituted apple juice. However, at the end of June, it was undertaken by Distell to scrap the phrase “alcoholic fruit blend” and include the word “ale” by September, and SAB said it would only be able to adopt the new labels by December, 18.

In an interview with IOL Lifestyle, the brand team said the Brutal Fruit spritzer has enhanced its beverage descriptor from being an “Alcoholic fruit blend” to a “Fruit Infused ale”. They said the Ruby Apple variant has been in the market for over two years with an awesome fan base, and now includes the Strawberry Rouge Spritzer variant, and that the sparkling sophistication of the fruit infused drink has remained exactly as it was to give Brutal Fruit fans the exact same taste experience as before, with a simple change to the descriptor. They also said that they expect to roll out the refreshed packaging from 18 December 2020.