Sex doll company produces 99% accurate ‘clone’ of human model

The sex doll industry has been thriving during the global coronavirus pandemic. It’s probably the reason why robot sex doll manufacturer DS Doll has now “cloned” a human.

A 99 percent accurate likeness of Asian model Gao Jie, the doll has lifelike goosebumps, risen veins and implanted human hair for futuristic realism, Daily Star reported.

According to the report, DS Doll worked closely with Jie to produce the replica for its Clone Series.

Using 3D scanners, the company managed to produce minute details such as goosebumps, risen veins in the hands and implanted human hair – even on the toes.

Hoping to ride on the success of the sex doll, DS Doll has urged celebrities, adult performers and influencers to come forward and volunteer to have models made in their likeness.

“This is replicating an entire human to over 99 percent physical accuracy of their external cosmetic features,” a Silicone Lovers spokesperson told Daily Star.

“The hair is real human hair sourced from hair salons in southern China. They have wig suppliers who collect and sterilise the hair, which is then cut and styled for use.

“They can also use synthetic hair fibres in countries that cannot import biological hair, or for those who do not want to use it.”

Talks are under way between DS Doll and Japanese adult performers to produce more models for its Clone Series.

In the meantime, Gao Jie fans can buy her doll from Silicone Lovers.