Siba Mtongana named one of 7 food goddesses by Tatler

When is it that you know you are a leading voice in the food industry? It’s when the difficult-to-impress food world can’t get enough of you.

And that’s the case with South African chef, award-winning cookbook author and TV personality, Siba Mtongana.

The chef, who made her name globally with her popular shows, Siba’s Table, Sibalicious and Cooking with Siba, has been named by Tatler Malaysia as one of the 7 Food Goddesses in the World, in a list that includes other cooking goddesses like Nigella Lawson, Mexico’s Pati Jinich, India’s Amrita Raichand and the US’s Rachael Ray.

“With five US Film and Television Awards and the prestigious Ubuntu Awards under her belt, Siba has taken the cooking world by storm since her eponymous cooking show Siba’s Table debuted in 2013. A charming smile and highly approachable presence, not unlike your favourite primary school teacher, seem to be the recipe for her ‘Sibalicious’ success.”

Responding to the feature, Siba said it was a lovely surprise to once again be recognised alongside her food hero, Nigella Lawson.

“I am also thrilled and blessed considering how influential and big Tatler is, not only in Malaysia but in the whole of the Asia Pacific Region.”

It takes a lot for a chef to be regarded as a big deal, especially in a competitive and food-crazy region like the Asia Pacific.

This therefore proves that Siba is not only a culinary star, but a global food goddess.

Over the years Siba has shared her recipes with us and they are always a must-try with out readers.

Here’s one of our favourites, one we are sure that even “my husband, Brian” will enjoy.

Herbed Butter Sauce Prawns with Couscous


340g couscous

Enough boiling chicken stock, to cover

Pinch of salt

Butter sauce and Prawns:

90g butter

6 cloves garlic, chopped

1 tsp ginger, finely grated

2 tsp fresh thyme, stem removed and chopped

1 tsp coriander, roughly chopped

2 fresh red chilli, seeded & chopped

Juice and zest of 2 lemons

2kg fresh king-size prawns, shelled and de-veined


2 tbs olive oil

300g 14cm-long courgettes cut in three lengthways

300g asparagus tips, rinsed

Handful fresh coriander, chopped

Handful fresh parsley, roughly chopped

Handful mint, roughly chopped

Pinch of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

80g wild rocket

300g thick plain Greek yoghurt


A few mint leaves

2 red salad spring onions


Place the couscous in a large, deep dish covering it with boiling chicken stock.

Cover with plastic wrap and leave for about 15 minutes until the granules have doubled in size.

To make the butter sauce, melt butter with the garlic, ginger, herbs and chilli in a large, non-stick frying pan and mix.

Add the zest and lemon juice and stir.

Cook the prawns in the sauce for 4 minutes, in batches if necessary.

To another pan add olive oil, courgettes and asparagus tips and cook for 2 minutes.

Add herbs, season with salt and pepper and stir. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.

Fluff the couscous with a fork, then stir in asparagus mixture.

Add the rocket and mix in.

Taste, and add extra olive oil and lemon juice if needed.

Top with the prawns.

Garnish with thick Greek-style plain yoghurt in the middle and mint leaves and spring onion.

Recipe from Welcome to My Table by Siba Mtongana