Social media divided over Clover’s new polony flavoured cheese

Just when we thought 2020 could not possibly get any stranger, food and beverage company Clover recently introduced its new polony flavoured processed cheese slices.

And, as expected, it has left the internet divided.

The two-in-one slice provides a taste of both cheese and polony in one cheese slice. In simple terms – you pay for one and get a great taste of two.

At first, when I saw the group’s innovation which has been trending on social media, I was thinking: “ugh, this one is a no, I would never eat it”.

A lot of people, like me (at first) were also incandescent with fury, outraged at Clover’s new product. “Who asked for this?” was the general remark that most people had.

In a Twitter thread, South Africans were not impressed with it.

@B_LeratoLeps wrote, “Nope this is cheating…..cheese and polony sandwich should remain as it is, imagine a slice of that thing on a bread and you call it cheese+polony sandwich, kahleni bo.”

@Mathetem wrote, “They clearly have a polony surplus and needed to chuck it somewhere…or somehow getting rid of the middlemen as part of the sandwich wars!”

But truthfully speaking, I would like to try it out. If one can have polony and cheese in a sandwich or most famously, vetkoek, then surely the polony flavoured cheese cannot be that bad as people think? I mean, what if it is a great convenience?

@Thabitha9206 commented saying the innovation is perfect for breadwinners so that they will stop complaining about cheese getting finished quickly.

One user, RyanCptZa thought this is a beautiful combination and it is what he has been waiting for.

“Yes man! This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life! I can picture this on a sandwich with marmite and fish paste.”