The ultimate taste test: Milk tart-flavoured treats

Melktert or milk tart is a famous South African dessert that every household in the country has become accustomed too. Whether you indulge in a slice during a big family Christmas lunch or for an afternoon snack, the sweet treat has become a South African treasure.

Several sweet and alcohol companies are playing on the popularity of milk tart create to create sweet treats both young and old can enjoy. Here are some that we tried:

Milk tart-flavoured Tinkies

Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Yes, you read right. Tinkies has launched a limited edition Milk Tart-flavoured sponge cake. Once I opened the packaging, memories of my childhood came rushing back. Times when I would sit at the kitchen table watching my mother cut a slice of milk tart for me, the smell of cinnamon permeating the air.

The sponge cake itself is flavourful, and it feels like you are sinking your teeth into a slice of freshly-baked milk tart. I reckon it will be a permanent addition. Currently, it’s my favourite flavour. The Fudge Swirl comes a close second.


Kit Kat Milk Tart

It took me two months to find the Milk Tart Kit Kat, and it was worth the wait. The white chocolate taste features prominently, but as you enjoy every bite, the cinnamon flavours fill your mouth. I’ve eaten three more since. I definitely recommend trying it … if you manage to find it!


Picture: Kit Kat.

Ricoffy Cappuccino Milk Tart flavoured

Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Clearly, Ricoffy misadvertised this product. It smelled like burnt brown sugar and had no taste of milk tart as promised on the packaging. It tasted like coffee and creamer. I was surprised I didn’t get any hint of cinnamon. The drink was creamy but lacked the desired effect. I am glad I bought a sachet instead of a box.


Tant Sannie Se Melktert

Picture: Tant Sannie Se Melktert

I enjoyed a shot of Tant Sannie Se Melktert during a December Christmas party at a friend’s house last year. It is creamy and packs flavour. Tant Sannie se Melktert follows Tant Sannie’s traditional milk tart recipe and should be enjoyed as a shooter garnished with cinnamon sprinkles or over ice or used in a dessert.