Thomas Markle ’determined’ to testify in daughter Meghan’s case to give his side of story

Thomas Markle has vowed to testify in court over the publication of a letter he sent to his daughter, the Duchess of Sussex, in 2018, British newspaper Express reported.

Speaking on ITV’s Royal Rota, royal reporter Chris Ship said: “There was a statement from her father, Thomas Markle, read out.

“It said how the case is causing him anxiety and he wants to get it over as quickly as possible.

“He talked about how he continues to feel misrepresented and he is planning to travel to London to give evidence in person to give his side of the story.”

The case in question stems from an article published on the Mail On Sunday and MailOnline which reproduced parts of a handwritten letter the duchess sent to her father in August 2018.

Meghan Markle is suing Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL).

“The other part of the story is he might not be doing it at all because Meghan has applied for a summary judgment application,“ added Ship.

“It’s been granted, which means they’re going to test whether or not this case can be heard on a summary basis.“

At a high court hearing in London last week, the judge agreed to adjourn the trial – which was due to start on January 11 – after an earlier private hearing.

The judge said the private hearing was necessary to protect “the confidentiality of the information relied on” by Meghan in her application to postpone the trial.

According to the Express, the confidential information was said by the judge to be the “primary” reason for the duchess wanting the trial to be adjourned – and her application was not opposed by ANL.