Trevor Stuurman and Sindiso Khumalo collaborate with vivo Mobile

To celebrate African beauty and the creatives involved, vivo Mobile has partnered with visual artist and storyteller Trevor Stuurman and award-winning fashion designer Sindiso Khumalo for a photo shoot at the Dorp Hotel in Cape Town.

With his sharp photography skills, Stuurman captured a fashion editorial unpacking the story of sisterhood and sustainability around Khumalo’s award-winning collection.

Speaking about the shoot, Stuurman said: “I feel that image-making is an ongoing conversation. We don’t have enough reinforcing and positive image-making of black people. With photography, we have the power to change that reality. I feel that it is my duty to champion and power that type of beauty. I want to show the world the power of creativity.”

Although this is the first time they have worked together, both Khumalo and Stuurman have featured in Vogue, the New York Times and on CNN.

On working with Stuurman, Khumalo said: “I think the work he does as a black African photographer is part of an amazing heritage of photography that exists on the continent.

“He is so talented, but more so I look forward to my two children looking him up in library books as I did with Peter Magubane in my teens, searching for someone who looked like me in the creative industry. I look forward to the influence his work will have on the younger generation of African creatives because that is the real work. And he is doing the work.”