WATCH: Funny and true! Daughter impersonating her mom is the relatable content we need

It does not matter how old we grow, visits to our parents’ house will always make us feel like we are youngsters.

TikTok star, writer and comedian Ceara O’Sullivan, who impersonates just about anyone on TikTok, just made a video that made us think twice before visiting our parents’ home.

In the video that went viral, the comedian re-enacts her mom entering her childhood bedroom at 7am whenever she visits home.

The video starts with O’Sullivan entering the room as her mother, while someone (child) sleeps on the bed.

The accuracy of the video is what makes it so entertaining and hilarious.

From the “Good morning, sleepyhead” and aggressive sound of rustling trash bags to “this would look cute with a cami under it”, O’Sullivan represents the experience of living in or visiting your childhood home, whether you’re 15 or 35 years old.

Her funny impersonations had people asking whether we all had the same mother. People relate to it so much it has garnered over eight million views on her TikTok page.

While O’Sullivan posts a variety of comedic content impersonating celebrities and political leaders on her page, some of her most highly requested TikToks include those imitating her mom, Beth.

Watch the impression video of her mom for a good laugh; we think all mothers have a universal behaviour.

@cearajane ♬ original sound – Ceara OSullivan

Here are more of her funny impressions of her mother.


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♬ original sound – Ceara OSullivan


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♬ original sound – Ceara OSullivan