WATCH: How to make the viral sponge cake that looks exactly like the real thing

In June, Facebook user Herman Huang shared images of some edible “dishwashing” sponge cakes to little fanfare among his followers.

But it was only after he posted it on the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group months later that it went viral.

Crafted from a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, butter, lemon juice, and food colours, these sponges can actually pass for the real thing. There is also a ‘soap foam’ as well, which is made from lemon juice beat with sugar.

Huang even uploaded a video onto his YouTube channel so people could easily follow his instructions on how to make the sponge cakes.

“Eating sponge cake is normal, how about in dish sponge shape. It is unique and also delicious,” the post captioned.

This viral “dishwashing” sponge cake which looks just like the real deal is actually pretty easy to make.

Below is what you will need:

    135g butter120g sugarPinch of salt½ tsp vanilla extract3 eggs140g all-purpose flour2g baking powder45g lemon juiceYellow and green food colourMarmalade

For the soap:

    1 egg white20g sugar½ tsp lemon juice¼ tsp vanilla

Huang is not the first to create such perfect replicas of the classic dishwashing sponge. Earlier in June, Alice Munro from Tasmania also went viral for her own deceptive sponge cakes. And she even went one step further, by creating the illusion of a dirty plate with a mix of vanilla cake mix, food colouring, buttercream, oreo, and chocolate.