WATCH: Woman goes viral with hilarious review of Oros concentrated juice

A woman’s taste test captured the fancy of the internet this week after she hit record on her phone and cracked open a bottle of Oros concentrated juice for the first time.

She hated it. Then she loved it. Then she did not know how she felt. The woman’s facial expressions in the video of her reaction tell the tale.

“That is strong. It’s good but holy moly. I don’t think I can drink that. I like the flavour but it’s a little too strong for me,” she says.

Overall, she gave it a score of six out of ten.

The woman’s review went viral after Twitter user @BrettSomething shared the video with the caption: “What the fuck,” leaving tweeps in stitches. What was funny to them was that the woman was not aware that she needed to dilute the juice before drinking.

@BrettSomething suggested that South Africans do an Oros video challenge, downing a shot of the juice, neat.

‘Hai South African brahs, listen. We must have a #OrosChallenge. Video yourself taking a neat shot Oros to honour this aunty,” he wrote.

Twitter users thought her review was adorable and super funny.

@miniyomusa wrote in the comments that the minute the woman started sipping she yelled at her phone: “straight’’.

@ThabzaThree6 said that after tasting the juice her first move should have been to add water.

Oros has been around since 1899. It’s now become a staple in South African households with various flavours available.