WATCH: Woman horrifies the internet by cooking steak using a toaster

Steak should be rare, medium, or well-cooked – not light, medium-toasted, or burnt.

If you are a steak fundi, it’s likely you have mastered the perfect method to cook the meat exactly to your preference through years of experience.

Everyone’s technique differs slightly, but one American woman’s video has gone viral after viewers appeared to be in agreement that her “unique” kitchen hack should never be repeated – with some even labelling it a crime.

It is not uncommon for people to share cooking hacks on social media, especially if it is something they feel they have discovered themselves. But while some of these hacks may actually reveal an easy way to cook a dish, others are more controversial.

TikTok user @Itsmeju1iette has horrified social media users with her unconventional way of cooking steak.

She uploaded a video with the caption, “cooking a steak for my boyfriend.” But instead of heating a frying pan, she puts the meat into a two-slot toaster.

The video begins with two cuts showing the steak being placed in a toaster. She then later appears to pull out the cooked pieces of steak from the toaster. I am not sure how long she actually leaves the steaks in there to “cook”, but after she pulls them out she covers them with steak sauce.


Cooking steak for my boyfriend ❤️🥩 #foryou #cooking #chef

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The video which received over 1.6 million views has been met with anger and it’s not the first time her alternative cooking methods have left viewers baffled, having previously cooked a burger on an iron, hot dogs in a tumble dryer, and spaghetti and meatballs in a coffee maker.