We are shook! Little boy’s KFC bucket birthday cake looks exactly like the real thing

Do you love your favourite food enough to have a version of it make from cake?

Well, this mom knew how much her little boy loved KFC, so she had a birthday cake made for him that resembled a KFC bucket, and we have to admit, we’re impressed.

For little Nkosinathi, his third birthday was made extra special by the surprise.

The post, which was shared by @MotloutsiShimmy on Twitter, shows mom and son with the cake and is captioned: “This beautiful mom made this cake for her son’s love of KFC.”

The cake is an exact replica of KFC’s famous bucket chicken. Even the restaurant chain was impressed, and has since reached out to mom Ntwanano Shingwenyana.

Tweeps were quick to respond to the post and commended Shingwenyana on her baking skills.

“That’s a cake? man people are too good,” commented one user.

Another joked: “I can’t express to you how hurt I’d be if I thought you were giving me chicken only to find out it’s cake.”

Many compared the KFC birthday cake to the latest trend that’s been doing the rounds on social media.

Started by Turkish food artist Tuba Geckil, the everything is cake trend had Twitter jokingly questioning the reality of everything.

The video was shared by Buzzfeed’s Tasty and went viral, gaining over 29 million views at the time of publication.

The video shows what appear to be fruit, a roll of toilet paper, a bottle of lotion, vegetables and a bar of soap, among others, only to reveal the cake on the inside.