What’s the most unprofessional thing a doctor has said to you?

Doctors are trusted people, their opinion is esteemed in society.

But sometimes their remarks may cost patients their self-esteem.

Rivki Schwartz, a student based in England knows that very well and has shared her experience on Quora.

She says when she was eleven, she was at the age where she would plunge into puberty and acne was beginning to get the best of her face.

“And to my absolute horror, it only got more and more severe.

“I knew nobody else who suffered with it, which only helped it grow into a deep and shameful insecurity of mine.

“Acne single-handedly caused me hours of crying, and seriously damaged my self-esteem,” says Schwartz.

At its worst, she says she got under the weather and went to visit the doctor.

She was perfectly fine until she examined my throat, and decided to remark: “Gosh, your skin looks terrible.

“You know, they might have something they can give you that would really help. It’s just awful… ” she shuddered.

Schwartz says, perhaps this seems sweet and helpful to some, but as someone who was deeply insecure and desperately trying to rebuild her confidence, it was shattering.

“So, if someone hasn’t asked, please leave your comments behind.

“There’s a rule, if you can’t fix it in under thirty seconds, don’t mention it.

“It will make for awkward conversation and will carry an even more saddening effect on the victim of your well-intended, and yet highly unthoughtful comment.”