Would you drink luxury box wine?

Remember back in the day when drinking wine out of a box was the worst thing you could do?

Or the time where if it didn’t come in a glass bottle, it wasn’t good enough?

Well, as they say, times are a-changing.

First, it was wine in a can becoming a thing in 2018 and now we are seeing the resurgence of boxed wine. But not just any boxed wine. No. This is premium wine, from the best wine farms in the country.

South African wine lovers are on-trend and becoming aware of the benefits of boxed wine. The ‘wine in a box’ revival recently took off in 2019 and has been one of the most talked-about trends lately as local (and global) consumers embrace the environmental appeal and taste credentials that have made the format so successful.

The growth of this trend has been driven by their ease of use, the ability to keep wine longer once it has been opened, and the perfect remedy to overspending.

To ensure customers get the very best quality, value (and volume) in times that they need it most, Woolworths has just released a range of four premium two-litre boxed wines, which showcase exclusive collaborations with some leading South African wine brands.

Below are the wines on offer:

    Pierre Jourdan Tranquille Blush: a delicate and fresh salmon pink blush with fragrant aromas of lively strawberry and raspberry with a hint of citrus fruits.Diemersal Sauvignon Blanc: an unwooded and crisp fresh wine that showcases the true diversity of Durbanville’s terrior. Jam-packed with zesty lime flavours and a mouth-watering finish, this wine is a perfect choice for summer.Beyerskloof Pinotage: a quality Pinotage which is slightly hooded, fruit-driven and has been made with old bush grapes. It’s teeming with juicy blackberry flavours and offers a well-balanced finish. It is a great accompaniment to a red meat dish and well anything spicy.Kleine Zalze Chenin Blanc: the upfront flavours of this delightfully approachable wine are tropical. Think ripe pineapple and guava, beautifully complemented by hints of citrus which result in a crisp, lingering taste that matches well with seafood, pork, or chicken.

The range is exclusive to Woolworths, with a starting price of R124.99.

Other recommended South African boxed wines that you can try include Robertson Winery Sauvignon Blanc, Drostdy-hof Merlot 2010, or Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Du Toitskloof – Pinotage or Merlot or Ruby Cabernet.